SNFist program services
"Their clinicians provide regularly scheduled coverage at facilities with on-site hours, comprehensive assessments, daily intervention, oversight and follow-up through a multidisciplinary team of physicians and nurse practitioners."
Curt Kretzinger, BSN, MSA, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer
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MCOs – What We Do

General Medicine tailors its services to meet the specific needs of each Managed Care Organization (MCO) and state managed health care plan that is administered by an MCO we partner with, including AABD, MA and MMAI-Duals.

For our MCO and State Health Plan Partners, General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalists Company: 

  • Serves as on-site Medical DirectorMCO
  • Provides advanced nurse practitioner services
  • Provides primary care provider services
  • Performs health risk assessments
  • Provides in-home chronic care assessments
  • Provides high-risk care management
  • Manages Reporting and Compliance with HEDIS and CMS Standards
  • Provides chronic disease state management
  • Provides quality measures
  • Maintains and reports compliance with HEDIS and CMS standards

For Your MCO & State Health Plan Covered Patients we:

  • Provides 24/7 on-call services
  • Regular, on-site office hours
  • Performs health-risk assessments
  • Continuously monitor patient health condition
  • Continuously update individual care plans
  • Provide early assessments, interventions and treatments
  • Cut overall healthcare spending
  • Reduce hospitalizations
  • Communicate with patients, staff, doctors and families
  • Want to Reduce Your Hospital Readmission Rate