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Health Care Staff Positions

We tailor our services to meet the needs of each facility we partner with and the patients they care for. Our post-hospitalists can serve as attending physicians, collaborating nurse practitioners, primary care physicians, medicaHealth Care Staff Positionsl directors or a health plan’s on-site medical director.

Our clinicians hold regular, on-site office hours and respond quickly to 24/7 on-call requests. They work exclusively with long-term care patients so there is no more waiting until the end of the day for call backs from physicians who are busy in their own practices or making hospital rounds.

This means there is time for effective doctor/patient and doctor/staff relationships to develop which leads to improved health outcomes, lower rates of staff turnovers and lower overall health care costs.

Our Post-Hospitalists Can Serve As:

Attending Physicians:

A licensed physician who provides supervision over the medical care of each patient in a post-acute care facility.

Collaborating Nurse Practitioner:

Nurse practitioners are available to collaborate with any physicians your facility uses with third party billing services.

Primary Care Physician:

Responsible for the coordination and implementation of resident care, policies and leadership in adherence to current standards of practice. Stays abreast of new treatments and medications. Coordinates care with other care providers to implement recommended treatment plans.

Medical Director:

Provides required care management and attending physician services for patients in long-term and acute care facilities and are covered by certain health plans.

On-Site Health Plan Medical Director:

Ensures standards of practice are met and approaches to treatment and medications are current. Maintains OBRA compliance. Develops policies and procedures for providing patient care.