"They are professional, reliable and exceed our expectations. They're always there when we need them."
Brenda Lavigne, LNHA
Administrator and Regional Director
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Attending Physician Services

With all of our services, General Medicine’s goal is simple: make a difference in the lives of patients living in long-term care facilities. We achieve that goal by providing physicians who specialize in the care of post-acute patients to work exclusively on-site rather than in addition to their regular practice.

That means our attending physicians:  Attending Physician Services

  • Provide prompt evaluation, intervention, treatment and follow-up care of residents.
  • Evaluate medications and initiate treatment plans.
  • Review and interpret diagnostic studies.
  • Quickly assess changes in condition and incident reports and take appropriate actions.
  • Provide wound management support.
  • Customize educational and specialty programs to meet the need of the facility and the patients.
  • Maintain compliance with OBRA guidelines.