"The General Medicine clinicians will be supported by the staff of the nursing facilities and our own care coordinators. The ultimate goal of the Integrated Care Program is to improve care coordination via a person-centered, team-oriented delivery system which addresses individual needs.”
William Gerardi, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
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Attending Physician Services

With all of our services, General Medicine’s goal is simple: make a difference in the lives of patients living in long-term care facilities. We achieve that goal by providing physicians who specialize in the care of post-acute patients to work exclusively on-site rather than in addition to their regular practice.

That means our attending physicians:  Attending Physician Services

  • Provide prompt evaluation, intervention, treatment and follow-up care of residents.
  • Evaluate medications and initiate treatment plans.
  • Review and interpret diagnostic studies.
  • Quickly assess changes in condition and incident reports and take appropriate actions.
  • Provide wound management support.
  • Customize educational and specialty programs to meet the need of the facility and the patients.
  • Maintain compliance with OBRA guidelines.