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"The General Medicine clinicians will be supported by the staff of the nursing facilities and our own care coordinators. The ultimate goal of the Integrated Care Program is to improve care coordination via a person-centered, team-oriented delivery system which addresses individual needs.”
William Gerardi, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
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Post-Acute and LTC Facilities


“We have had the same General Medicine, Post-Hospitalist physician in our facility for over 15 years. He is wonderful. Our patients have benefited from his on-going relationship and consistency of care. The nurses also have a great relationship with our physician, and time has shown they can trust and rely on him. The families are very happy and comforted with communicating with the same physician year after year.”

Kay Paruski, Administrator

Courtney Manor Nursing Home, Michigan


“We tried other physician groups as our medical director and as in-house attending physicians for over five years.  None of them were responsive to our needs.  When we found out about General Medicine and they partnered with us, we didn’t know what we had been missing.  They are wonderful!  We’ll never change again”.

Akiva Wagshal, LNHA
Owner and Administrator
Cincinnati, OH


“I’ve worked with General Medicine for over 14 years now in three different facilities and can’t say enough about their practice.  Their clinicians are just wonderful.  They are professional, reliable and exceed our expectations. They’re always there when we need them.”

Brenda Lavigne, LNHA
Administrator and Regional Director
Midland, MI


“I have worked with General Medicine for over five years now and at two different facilities.  Their physicians and nurse practitioners are always available to my staff and our residents. This has been especially helpful during off-hours and dealing with challenging situations.”

Michael Butler, RN, LNHA
St. Louis, MO


“I really appreciate the way the General Medicine’s doctors and nurse practitioners communicate with our staff.  They work with us every day identifying how we can improve care for our residents. Most importantly, when we need them, they are here!”

Marsha Montz, MSN
Director of Nursing
Baton Rouge, LA


“We wanted to add nurse practitioners to focus on the quality of care that we deliver at our facility. We also wanted to address the reduction of hospital re-admits. General Medicine did a remarkable job coordinating their team to begin visiting residents in our home. Their communication skills along with  attention to detail assured that everything went smoothly. Their knowledge of our industry is astounding and it is a pleasure working with their team. I am so impressed with the quality of care that General Medicine is providing to our residents. I highly recommend them.

Joel Crabtree, LPN
Director of Admissions/Marketing
Round Lake Beach, IL 


Hospitals and Health Systems


“We have had an affiliation with General Medicine for several years and during that time we have grown to depend on them to assume the care for our patients when they leave the hospital. We are able to discharge them quicker and sicker and reduce lengths of stay. It is wonderful for the patients and us. When they follow the patients, we are assured that there is great continuity of care, and we know that unnecessary ER visits and re-hospitalizations don’t occur”.

Lars Armainsson, MD
Director of Hospital Medicine, Rockford, IL


“Their clinicians provide regularly scheduled coverage at facilities with on-site hours, comprehensive assessments, daily intervention, oversight and follow-up through a multidisciplinary team of physicians and nurse practitioners.”

Curt Kretzinger, BSN, MSA, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer
Heartland Health, NW Missouri


“General Medicine is a valued business partner of our health system that has provided post-acute care for our discharged patients for several years. They pay close attention to the needs of customers and continually communicate with us to update us on the effectiveness of their readmission management program. Their achievements each year in reducing readmissions have been profound and I would highly recommend this group without reservation”

R. Scott Koelliker
EVP Blessing Health, Illinois
(Former Administrator, Mosaic Life-Care,
NW Missouri)


Managed Care Organizations


“Effective management of care through early intervention and assessment was key to improving health care quality for our Plan members receiving Post-acute and Long-term Care. Those members included some of the state’s most frail and medically needy. General Medicine provided the necessary support for the staff of the nursing facilities and our own care coordinators. Our ultimate goal of improving care coordination via a person-centered, team-oriented delivery system which addressed individual needs, was very successfully met.”

William Gerardi, MD
Former Chief Medical Officer –

Aetna Better Health of Illinois, Chicago, IL


“We are very pleased with the quality of care that General Medicine’s team of clinicians has provided to all of the members of our health plan. We respect their compassion, professionalism and attention to detail that has enabled your post-hospitalist/SNFist program to perform much beyond our expectations. Together with your assistance, we have been able to better manage our plan’s high costs of hospital admissions, readmissions and unnecessary ER utilization. Thanks for all your hard work.

General Medicine’s innovative collaboration was essential to our health Plan. Their expertise, along with the support of our skilled care coordination team, resulted in unparalleled patient care, improved health outcomes for our members, and significant cost savings.”

Brian Stratta, MD
Former Chief Medical Officer –

Centene IlliniCare, Westmont, IL


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