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I talked to several of your references and they all gave you guys glowing recommendations.
Mike Egan, Managing Member
of Hillside Village of De Soto
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ACOs – What we do

General Medicine tailors a wide variety of medical services to match the specific needs of each ACO, hospital and integrated health system we partner with. Our on-site clinician services improve patient care and reduce hospital readmission rates, unnecessary emergency room visits and overall health care spending.

Through regular, on-site, office hours our specialized clinicians are able to provide a patient-centered, integrated care approach that ensures the highest quality of patient care in the industry.

Because our post-hospitalists work exclusively on-site, and specialize in the care of patients in long-term care settings, there’s no more waiting for a physician to return a call at the end of a busy day of practice work or to pay a monthly site visit to address patients’ health concerns. There’s even less reason for facility staff to call an ambulance out of concern for the patient while they’re waiting.

For our ACO partners General Medicine can:

  • Serve as a Medical Home
  • Participate as a High-Value Network Provider
  • Serve as on-site Medical Director
  • Manage compliance and reporting of CMS standards
  • Participate in Interdisciplinary Care Teams
  • Provide Attending Physician Services
  • Provide Primary Care Provider Services
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioner Services
  • Reduce hospital readmissionsACO
  • Reduce costs

For Your ACO covered Patients our Post-Hospitalists Provide:

  • 24/7 on-call services
  • Regular, on-site office hours
  • Communication with family members
  • High-risk care coordination
  • Chronic disease state management
  • Constant monitoring, assessment and care of patient health
  • Continual updates to Care Plans
  • Collaboration with other health care providers
  • Preventive and early interventions
  • Reduced hospitalizations
  • Lower overall health care costs