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"They are professional, reliable and exceed our expectations. They're always there when we need them."
Brenda Lavigne, LNHA
Administrator and Regional Director
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Who We Are

General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company is a collaborative group of physicians and advanced nurse practitioners whose focus is caring for patients in long-term care settings.

Specifically, we provide post-acute care facilities with post-hospitalists that specialize in the care of post-acute patients. Our practitioners care exclusively for patients in nursing homes, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and other long-term care facilities rather than in addition to work in their practices and hospital rounds.

The practice was formed in 1983 by Dr. Thomas Prose, who had a vision to provide specialized care exclusively to patients who are between hospital and home.

Dr. Prose’s goal has always been to: 30-day hospital readmissions

  • Provide caring clinicians who dedicate their time to post-acute care patients exclusively
  • Meet the specific needs of individual clients and their patients
  • Minimize hospital admissions through early interventions
  • Provide consistent, on-site hours
  • Minimize ER visits through 24/7 On-Call Services
  • Improve patient care and health through continuity of care

By embracing these values, we have become one of the nation’s leading providers of post-hospitalist services. In fact, we’re honored to say, nine of the top 10 MCOs in the nation have contracted with General Medicine.

Because our practitioners work exclusively with their long-term care patients, rather than in addition to work in their practice and hospital rounds, effective doctor/patient and doctor/staff relationships develop. This leads to better patient care, fewer staff turnovers and lower healthcare spending.

What does having a General Medicine Post-Hospitalist as part of your team mean?

  • 24/7 On Call Services
  • Daily On-Site Hours
  • Fewer 30-Day Hospital Readmissions
  • Fewer Unnecessary Emergency Room Visits
  • Patient-Focused Care
  • Care Coordination with other Healthcare Providers
  • Reduced Health care Spending
  • Accessibility to Family
  • Fewer Staff Turnovers

Our clinicians’ caseloads are assigned with careful assessment and consideration of the type of patient care needed to ensure they have adequate time to provide high-quality care.

In addition to Post-Hospitalist services, General Medicine also provides: