General Medicine has provided Physician services to our facility for over 10 years. It’s been quite a pleasure to work with Dr. Tom Prose, Scott Sansovich and the rest of the General Medicine team. I highly recommend their physician services!
Brandon Bradshaw, LHHA
The Anderson Nursing and Rehabilitation
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Medical Director Services

Since we started in 1983, General Medicine has always understood that the Medical Director of a facility plays and important leadership role in providing high-quality care to their residents. Because of this, our medical director services encompass the right leadership and techniques to truly make a positive impact on each health care facility we contract with.

Medical directors play a pivotal role in ensuring standards of practice are met and approaches to treatment and medications are current.

Our medical director services can improve many aspects of your facility:

Physician Leadership

  • Ensures patients have appropriate physician coverage.
  • Creates a process for reviewing physician and health care practitioners’ credentials.
  • Provides a process for monitoring physician and other practitioners’ performance.
  • Provides feedback to physicians and other practitioners on their performance and practices.

Clinical Leadership

  • Assists in administrative decisions and development of policies and procedures related to patient care.
  • Implement clinical practices that ensure the facility is in compliance with regulations and laws relating to patient care.
  • Review and participate in federal, state and local surveys and inspections.
  • Assist in IDDR processes.
  • Review policies and procedures regarding the protection of patients’ rights, advanced care planning and other ethical issues.
  • Maintain OBRA compliance.

Quality of Care

  • Establish systems and methods for reviewing the quality and appropriateness of care and other health services, and providing appropriate feedback.
  • Participate in the facility’s quality improvement process.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures related to protect against the spread of infections.
  • Provide a safe and caring environment for patients to live in.
  • Maintain affiliations with primary care providers and hospitalists to ensure continuity of care for patients.

Education, Information and Communication

  • Promote a learning culture among the staff and patients within the facility.
  • Promote employee health and safety by implementing policies and procedures.
  • Improve communication between staff, patients and families.
  • Serve as a representative to the professional and lay community on medical and health services of patients.
  • Stay informed on changing social, regulatory, political and economic factors that affect the facility and its patients.
  • Share best practices and provide effective solutions to needs raised by patients, staff and families.

Business Development and Marketing

  • Promote the facility to the professional and lay community.
  • Establish effective relationships with other providers, health care organizations and payors.
  • Develop relationships with key referral sources.