General Medicine has provided Physician services to our facility for over 10 years. It’s been quite a pleasure to work with Dr. Tom Prose, Scott Sansovich and the rest of the General Medicine team. I highly recommend their physician services!
Brandon Bradshaw, LHHA
The Anderson Nursing and Rehabilitation
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Our Post-Hospitalist/SNFist Program Goals

Improve overall patient health

Physicians hold regularly scheduled, on-site office hours. As a result, patient assessments and treatment interventions can be made quickly preventing the need for costly hospitalizations that are traumatizing for the patient.

Improve Continuity of Care During Transitions

Our clinicians facilitate and maintain effective communication between other care providers and facilities. They ensure recommended treatments and medication changes are implemented and monitored.

Improved Facility Relationships

SNFist Program

By regularly working on site, there is time for effective doctor/patient and doctor/staff relationships to develop. This builds trust between patients and doctors and minimizes staff turnovers. They also have time to communicate with patient families.

Minimize Hospitalizations, Readmissions and Emergency Room Visits

Regular onsite office hours and 24/7 on-call services mean our clinicians are readily available to make prompt assessments, take appropriate interventions and monitor their effectiveness.

That means fewer disruptive, often traumatic and always expensive hospitalizations for your patients.

FACT: From 2005 to 2014, General Medicine reduced 30-day readmissions by 56% from the national average in the facilities that have partnered with the post-hospitalist company.

Reduced Overall Health Care Spending

Inconsistent care, avoidable hospitalizations and missed treatment recommendations all lead to poorer overall health outcomes and higher health care spending.

Want to learn more about how General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company can improve quality of care and reduce your hospital readmission rates, contact us today through our website or by calling 1.800.979.9595.