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What is a Post-Hospitalist – Wikipedia definition


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Post-Hospitalist Medicine is the discipline concerned with the medical care of post-acute patients. Physicians whose primary professional focus is post-hospital care are post-hospitalists. Typical community PCPs and most other NP/PA/extender models do not have the time or ability to effectively monitor patient care when the patient is in a post-acute facility. As a result, increased hospitalizations, readmissions and unnecessary ER utilization occur frequently, increasing overall health care costs.[1] When patients become ill with an urgent or non-emergency problem, most traditional care models typically direct the patient to the ER, utilizing the ER as an outpatient clinic rather than going to the post-acute facility, examining and treating the patient on-site.[2]

By comparison, other models providing limited results and exposure to facilities include the following:

  • Traditional attending physicians (PCPs) and/or medical directors
  • NP practices – Independent NPs provide post-acute rounding services on behalf of collaborative physicians
  • Group practice extenders – Employed extenders of traditional practices provide post-acute rounding services.
  • Hospitalist extenders – Employed extenders of hospitalist programs provide post-acute rounding services.
  • Health system extenders – Employed extenders of hospitals/health systems provide post-acute rounding services.

Post-hospitalist medical services focus on providing better care to meet the needs of high-risk, medically complex patients with the following common diagnoses:

In many instances, this population of patient has multiple diagnoses, co-morbidities and their medical needs are extensive. In the past, these patients would have stayed in the hospital much longer and at much higher overall health care costs. Today, managing their care in less costly post-acute settings such as LTACs, Rehab Centers, Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities is possible with the use of Post-Hospitalist Medical Services being provided on-site in these settings. Post Hospitalists provide these specialized medical services exclusively in these various types of post-acute facilities.[3]