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The Post-Hospitalist Company Dramatically Reduces Hospital Readmissions to 6.6% ¹ (Saving Medicare 200 Million Dollars)

30 years of Post-Hospital Excellence

NOVI, Mich., Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Post Hospitalist Company (SNFist) has once again scored one of the top national rankings for reduction of Hospital Readmissions from Post-Acute, SNF, and Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities. The Readmission Rate was 6.6% for the six years 2017- 2022, compared to a national average of 19%, resulting in savings to Medicare of 200 Million Dollars. The Post-Hospitalist Company clients experienced a sharp reduction in hospital readmission rates, thereby saving tens of millions in readmission penalties. This performance is 65% better than peer group providers. The readmission rate was calculated by WPS using all claims data from 2017-20221.

The Post-Hospitalist Company demonstrated that preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions is achievable when physicians appropriately manage patients, and accurately decide when a patient needs to be sent to a hospital. Decision making by a physician and on- site availability are the determinant factors that have a critical impact on a facility’s readmission rate.

The Post-Hospitalist Company saved Medicare 200 Million Dollars

About The Post-Hospitalist Company:
The Post-Hospitalist Company, has over 30 years of experience specializing in the care of patients in Post-Acute, SNF, Long-Term Care and Assisted Living facility settings. Physician and nurse practitioner teams perform care coordination with hospitals and post-acute teams, and provide assessment, treatment, oversight, and follow-up to each patient’s personal care plan, based upon their needs, and medical necessity. Regularly scheduled, “on-site” hours are provided, and clinicians pride themselves on quickly responding to calls and improving quality of care.

Specific Benefits to Health Plans:
Ability to use a proven solution to manage readmissions
Reduce potentially avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions (PAH).
Reduce unnecessary ER utilization.
Reduce overall health care spending.
Improve patient health outcomes and satisfaction scores.
Improve process of transition between hospital, post-acute facility and home.

Key Successes for The Post-Hospitalist Company:
Hospital readmission rates 6.6 %, which is 65% below the national average of 19 %.
Consistently has achieved Top 5% national QRUR performance ratings since 2012.
For questions or comments, please contact Dr. Thomas M. Prose, President and Senior Medical Director, General Medicine, P.C. – The Post-Hospitalist Company, 21333 Haggerty Road, Suite 150, Novi, Michigan 48375, or call 800-979-9595. Information regarding General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company is available online at www.generalmedicine.com.

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SOURCE The Post Hospitalist – General Medicine, P.C.