General Medicine has provided Physician services to our facility for over 10 years. It’s been quite a pleasure to work with Dr. Tom Prose, Scott Sansovich and the rest of the General Medicine team. I highly recommend their physician services!
Brandon Bradshaw, LHHA
The Anderson Nursing and Rehabilitation

The Next Step in Improving Patient Care

Welcome to General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company.


We are improving patient care, reducing ER readmission rates and fundamentally improving health outcomes. By providing attending physicians, nurse practitioners and medical directors for post-acute long-term care facilities, we support on-site current resources.

Benefits of post-hospitalist services:

  • General Medicine saves you money by lowering CMS penalties by reducing rehospitalization.
  • We employ and provide only dedicated staff members who have manageable caseloads and can provide the best patient care.
  • Physicians complete regular, on-site checkups with all patients and are available 24/7 for consulting needs.
  • Our team is committed to improving care coordination to ensure medical attention is provided proactively.
  • With 30+ years of experience, General Medicine supports patients between hospital and home with more than medicine.


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