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General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company’s Hospital Readmission Rates Lower than 95% of the Industry

General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company’s significant reductions in hospital readmissions this year have accounted for an average of 70% reduction in hospital readmission rate penalties for partner hospitals in its Eastern Operational Division, and an average of 52% reductions for its Western Division. The most significant penalty decreases, both 83%, were achieved by two partner hospitals. The lowest penalty decrease achieved by a partner hospital of General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company was a 25% penalty decrease. General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company’s performance is in the top 5% with readmission rates lower than 95% of the industry — more than double the industry standards and expectations.

“We realize that our partner hospitals’ readmission penalty reductions are directly attributable to smooth transitions in care from acute hospitals to post-acute settings. Managing this process with excellent clinical oversight is paramount to ensuring patients don’t unnecessarily rebound back to the hospital. The credit for our success does not merely rest with our clinical team, but a large portion of this success is directly attributable to the quality of our post-acute facility partners’ clinical staffs and management teams,” states Patricia Gottschalk, Director of Clinical Services.

Mrs. Gottschalk added, “Our hospital clients frequently praise our clinical team and state that our physicians and nurse practitioners are the most critical portion of the transition of care for their patients.”

General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company is the nation’s leading provider of specialized post-hospitalist medical care services to managed care organizations, Medicare and Medicaid dual eligible programs, Medicare Advantage Plans, accountable care organizations’ high-value provider networks, hospital systems and hospitalist programs. Nationally, the company has agreements to provide specialized, post-hospitalist medical care to more than 1,000 facilities. In addition, its group also provides geriatric, physical medicine and rehabilitation services to patients in sub-acute, skilled nursing, long-term care and assisted living facilities.

“General Medicine is a valued business partner that has provided post-acute care services to our patients for several years. They pay close attention to the needs of the customer and continually update us on the progress of their program. They also communicate effectively and immediately address issues that are natural with any business arrangement. I would recommend this company without reservation,” said Mr. R. Scott Koelliker, Administrator of Heartland Regional Medical Center in NW Missouri.

A post-hospitalist medical care program is a recognized, specialized approach to the practice of medicine in post-acute and long-term care settings. Patient acuity in these settings is increasing dramatically, and physicians need to have a medical practice that fits into an interdisciplinary environment that is specialized in the care of patients in post-acute facilities.

The focus of General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company is on addressing the needs of high-risk, medically complex patients with the overall goal of enhancing and coordinating care of older adults and chronically ill patients in all post-acute settings.

Several key factors to consider about General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company:

  • Specialize only in post-hospital and long-term care medicine.
  • Consistently reduce hospital readmissions with a documented ten-year average readmission rate of 11.4%, while servicing more than 60,000 patients. (52% below the 30-day national average of 23.5% for the corresponding period).
  • Reductions of unnecessary ER usage — More than 33% on average.
  • Hospital partners achieved significant readmission rate penalty reductions from 25% to 83%.
  • Currently contracted with 9 of the top 10 MCOs in the nation.

Specific Benefits of General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company’s Services Include:

  • Reduced length of hospital stays.
  • Reduced frequency of potentially avoidable hospital (PAH) admissions and readmissions.
  • Reduced unnecessary ER utilization.
  • Reduced overall health care spending.
  • Improved patient health outcomes.
  • Improved process of transitions between inpatient hospitals, post-acute facilities and home.

For questions or comments contact Thomas M. Prose, MD, MHA, MBA, President, General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company, 21333 Haggerty Road, Suite 150, Novi, Michigan 48375, or call 800-979-9595. Information regarding General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company is available online at www.generalmedicine.com.

Tom Prose