The Money Behind Medicare Spending

By 2021, Medicare spending is projected to reach $736 billion.

Where does that funding come from? How many people does it benefit? Medicare costs for required services are high enough, but adding in the expense of potentially avoidable services and hospital readmissions causes the spending to spiral out of control.

To aid in decreasing Medicare spending, it’s important for health care facilities to understand where this money comes from and how it is spent. In the Medicare Spending infographic, you will learn more about:

  • Who is covered by Medicare
  • infographic statistic on medicare spendingWhere Medicare’s budget comes from
  • How Medicare’s budget is allocated to health care spending
  • How effective the program is at explaining benefits to Americans
  • and more

At General Medicine, The Post-Hospitalist Company, we are committed to decreasing health care costs, in turn decreasing Medicare spending. Our post-hospitalists specialize in providing quality, post-acute care to reduce hospital readmission rates and achieve lower spending levels for its partner facilities and patients.

Learn more about Medicare spending in the 2015 infographic.

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